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Project Proposal – EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation

Message from Eliza Goszczynska – National Centre for Workplace Health Promotion – Poland

The National Centre for Workplace Health Promotion from Poland is looking for partners to a transnational project under the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation.

The 4-year project will be assigned to the priority sector “Social Inclusion, Youth Employment and Poverty Reduction”, programme area no6 “European Public Health Challenges”. This support area is designed to promote well-functioning societies by supporting i.e. social inclusion and empowerment of vulnerable groups. In the project in question, the vulnerable (indirect target) group will be defined as low educated employees.

The reason for such a group derives from the results of social surveys across Europe according to which the lower the socio-economic status (especially educational one), the statistically worse healthy behaviour, motivation for lifestyle changes and thus health itself. Such a group is a big public health challenge in Europe since most health education programmes are addressed to the general public and do not take into account the specificity of this group, paradoxically contributing to a deepening of inequalities in health.

The direct target group of the project will be entities (identified by the project partners in their countries) having the possibility of health education of low educated employees in order to improve their competences in the field of health. The project will have both the research and implementation character. The study will be aimed at recognition of differences between low and high educated employees’ health awareness and behaviours in order to develop recommendations for health education tailored to the needs of the vulnerable group. Then the application phase will start. It will be aimed at the improvement of know-how of people having the possibility of low educated employees’ health education.

This phase will be carried out through the workplaces. According to the assumptions of EEA and Norway Grants Fund, the first phase of the application process is the preparation of a concept note (the deadline for submission is 1.07.2018). The second phase is the development of a full proposal (only consortia from the short list). The projects will start in spring 2019. The budget of a single project cannot be lower than €1 million.

More information on the Fund is available at
The project in question will be coordinated by the National Centre for Workplace Health Promotion which is a part of the Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine in Lodz/Poland ( The Centre carries out the complex and systematic research and analysis of status and conditions of workplace health promotion in Poland as well as makes use of these data for the purpose of practice (i.e. training, consultancy of workplace health promotion in enterprises). The research activities of the Centre were appreciated by World Health Organisation which gave the Centre a prize for research in health promotion for 2009 founded by the Kuwait State.

More information concerning the Centre is available at
If you are interested in cooperation or you have any questions please contact us:

Deadline for declaring the interest as a project partner is 16th March.

If the project proposal area is not in the field of your interest but you know someone who may be interested in this topic please do not hesitate to forward this message.

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