MAPHM Objectives

From Cap 3 of the Statute:

3.1 The objectives of the MAPHM shall be:

(a) in respect of the teaching and practice of public health medicine in Malta:
i. to promote high standards of practice of public health and professional ethics in the specialty;
ii. to promote the professional interests of qualified practitioners;
iii. to promote and uphold high standards of specialist and undergraduate training in public health;
iv. to participate in, encourage and support publications and research related to public health medicine.

(b) in respect of the wider concept of public health practice in Malta:
i. to provide an independent forum for health and other professionals to address public health issues facing the country;
ii. to facilitate exchange of information, experience and research on public health matters in Malta;
iii. to participate in the co-ordination of personnel development in public health practice in the country;
iv. to advocate for and advise upon policies and programmes that contribute to the improvement of public health in the country.

(c) to seek affiliation with local and international organisations having an interest in public health.

Executive Committee Members

Dr Kenneth Grech – President

Dr Tanya Melillo Fenech – Vice-President

Dr Kathleen England – Honorary Secretary

Dr Roberto Debono – International Secretary

Dr Joseph Pace – Treasurer

Dr Maya Podesta -Full Member within EC

Dr Stephanie Xuereb – Full Member within EC

Dr Maria-Louise Borg – Full Member within EC

Dr Sandra Buttigieg – Full Member within EC

Dr Natasha Azzopardi Muscat – Ex-Ufficio – EUPHA President-Elect

Dr Stefan Buttigieg – Associate Members Representative

Dr Sascha Reiff – Specialist Trainees Representative


World Federation of Public Health Associations – wfpha.org

European Public Health Association – eupha.org

Malta Health Network – maltahealthnetwork.org