Air Pollution Webinar – Hosted by the European Environmental Bureau





You can now register here for our webinar introducing the new NEC directive to NGOs. The webinar will take place on Friday 24 March at 10am and will last maximum 2 hours.

Please register before March 20th to receive the agenda and connection details.

The webinar will be based on our recent report and will help you find out:

  • what the new law has the potential to achieve in terms of reducing emissions and associated premature deaths
  • how it works in practice
  • how citizens/NGOs can use the new law to cut air pollution at national/local level – it is crucial that you get involved in the implementation in the coming months/years
  • how Member States can escape the rules through the use of flexibility – it is also crucial that we challenge the use of flexibilities requested by Member States
  • how citizens and NGOs can push for stricter standards
  • what will/can be the impact of the directive for specific sectors such as coal combustion, domestic heating and agriculture in your country

EASO Childhood Obesity for Healthcare Professionals

The Ministry for Health is committed to tackle the problem of obesity through a multifaceted approach. Training of health professionals is one of the prioritised strategies. Hence the Ministry has teamed up with the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) to develop a course which is intended to deliver high level multidisciplinary training in the prevention and management of childhood obesity to Maltese health professionals.

Course content will be delivered by European KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and education experts on the 20th April 2017, between 08:00 and 16:00. Kindly refer to the course programme for more information.

80 places are available on a first-come, first-served basis for this course, which will increase the knowledge, skills and competency of participants to recognize, manage and prevent childhood obesity in practice. Motivational Interviewing sessions will be integrated into the training course, so that participants can gain practical experience of using this technique to help patients.

Participation will be open to health professionals and allied health professionals working in Malta. There is no registration fee. We expect to receive a large number of applications, so prompt registration is advised. For further programme information and to register online, please visit our registration page:

We strongly encourage you to attend in order to improve your skills in these areas, and to enhance collective efforts to tackle obesity.

The deadline for registration is Satuday 15th April 2017.

Facebook Event Link available at

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MAPHM CPD – Childhood Obesity

The Malta Association of Public Health Medicine in collaboration with the Malta College of Family Doctors and the Maltese Paediatric Association would like to invite you to the following CPD event on Childhood Obesity.

Measurement of behavioural determinants of obesity

Dr Denise Alexander

Pathways to prevention in practice

Prof Mitch Blair

Overview of EU initiatives to combat childhood obesity

Prof Michael Rigby

Local perspectives and evidence on childhood obesity

Dr Charmaine Gauci and Dr Daniel Cauchi

Tuesday, 21st March 2017

8pm sharp

Southern Auditorium

Mater Dei Hospital

Refreshments will be served

Registration Open until the 19th March on

Facebook Event:

Event Poster

Speaker Biographies

Event Supported by Sanofi


Message from the President

Address by Dr Kenneth Grech, President, Malta Association of Public Health Medicine

It is with a sense of pride and satisfaction that I launch MAPHM’s website.  Thanks to the entrepreneurial vigour of a few of our newest (and younger) members on the team, MAPHM has finally embraced the digital age.

The development and launch of this website, together with our new Facebook and Twitter accounts, now allows us to communicate and exchange our ideas, views and messages in a more efficient and timely manner, reaching wider audiences, both locally and abroad.  This marks an important step in our mission to increase our advocacy for public health.

It comes at an opportune time as public health needs to make its voice heard and have its contribution acknowledged.  Towards this aim, the new Executive Committee has placed advocacy and media relations as one of its foremost priorities and a sub-committee for advocacy has already been established.
The new Executive Committee comprises a healthy mix of both young and experienced members.  There are those of us who have been involved with MAPHM since its inception before 1999 and those who have either returned or are participating in its leadership for the first time.  A sense of vitality and novelty was immediately apparent in our first meeting, with many new ideas and projects coming to mind.  One of the first issues that we discussed was the development of a strategic plan for the committee to follow over the next two years.  This would give the Executive a clear mandate and targets to reach.  It is important for everyone to participate in the process of drawing up this plan, and so I  encourage everyone to provide  input to enrich this debate.

Another matter that has been given priority is the drawing up of the new specialist training programme.  A draft has been produced and is currently being discussed within the Public Health Training Committee.  I am sure that this endeavour will serve to continue to place the public health training programme as a highly sought specialisation amongst young doctors  in the years to come.  Besides the Advocacy sub-committee, the new Continued Professional Development sub-committee is already active in planning for CPD events, which we are certain will generate a renewed interest in attending and participating, especially with the advent of the new regulations on mandatory CPD in Malta.

The next two years will bring significant challenges.  The new sectoral agreement for the medical class will be up for renegotiation and Malta of course hosts the EU Presidency next year, in which many public health practitioners are directly involved.  Such events serve as an opportunity to continue improving the quality of public health research and practice in Malta and to improve, through our small but important contribution, the health of our population. I augur that we remain united and continue to build on our previous successes, to further consolidate public health in Malta.

For further information about our association, please visit the About section, and if you are interested in joining our Training Programme, make sure to head over to the Training section.

 Out latest Press releases and other important news relevant to Public Health in Malta can be viewed in our News section.

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