MAPHM Statute

MAPHM Statute v.7




DATE: 22nd February 2023


In these Rules, unless otherwise stated, the following meaning shall be attached to these terms in this statute:

The Committee: the Executive Committee established under Rules 5, 6 and 8 to administer the functions and operations of the MAPHM.

General Assembly: The ultimate governing body of the MAPHM which comprises all the registered membership of the MAPHM meeting together in general meetings convened in accordance with Rule 8.

Malta: has the same meaning as defined in the Constitution of Malta.

MAPHM: The name of the public health association – Malta Association of Public Health Medicine – in short.

Member: A person that has been admitted under Rule 4 to membership of the MAPHM.

Register of Members: The computerised listing of names and other basic details about the membership of the MAPHM established under Rule 4.

Authorised signatory: stands for those elected officers as per Rule 6 who are designated to execute and deliver in the name and on behalf of the MAPHM, all deeds, mortgages, bonds, contracts and other instruments authorised by the Executive Committee.

Non-profit: as defined in the Voluntary Organisations Act (Chapter 492 of the Laws of Malta).

Voluntary and Voluntary Organisation: as defined in the Voluntary Organisations Act (Chapter 492 of the Laws of Malta).


2.1 The full name of the public health association shall be the Malta Association of Public Health Medicine or MAPHM in short.

2.2 The MAPHM shall be an association of persons established with the specific goal of promoting public health in Malta.

2.3 The MAPHM shall be a non-governmental, non-political and non-union organisation. Membership shall be granted to individuals only.

2.4 The MAPHM shall act under its own rights and obligations and may in the furtherance of its quoted aims undertake or partake in initiatives of a professional nature.

2.5 The MAPHM shall not act outside the laws in force in the Maltese Islands.

2.6 The MAPHM is a voluntary, independent and non-profit making organization.

2.7 The registered office of the association shall be 95, Guardamangia Hill, Guardamangia, PTA1313, Malta or any other address that the committee may decide from time to time.


3.1 The objectives of the MAPHM shall be:

(a) in respect of the teaching and practice of public health medicine in Malta:

  1. to promote high standards of practice of public health and professional ethics in the specialty;
  2. to promote the professional interests of qualified practitioners;

iii. to promote and uphold high standards of specialist and undergraduate training in public health;

  1. to participate in, encourage and support publications and research related to public health medicine.

(b) in respect of the wider concept of public health practice in Malta:

  1. to provide an independent forum for health and other professionals to address public health issues facing the country;
  2. to facilitate exchange of information, experience and research on public health matters in Malta;

iii. to participate in the co-ordination of personnel development in public health practice in the country;

  1. to advocate for and advise upon policies and programmes that contribute to the improvement of public health in the country.

(c) to seek affiliation with local and international organisations having an interest in public health.

3.2 Any or all of the objectives of the MAPHM may be carried out in Malta or elsewhere.


4.1 The Committee may consider for membership any applicant under the following four categories:

(a) Full membership: open to any person who fulfils MAPHM criteria for specialist status in public health medicine. Such criteria are to be drawn up by the Executive Committee and approved by a General Meeting and may be revised from time to time. The criteria are attached at Annex 1.

(b) Honorary Membership: shall be open to professional individuals who excel in a public health area, and who in the opinion of the Committee merit such recognition. The Committee shall propose the candidature of the prospective Honorary Member for approval at a General Meeting.

(c) Specialist Trainee Membership: open to registered medical practitioners who are following a recognized Post-graduate Training programme in

Public Health Medicine and who on successful completion of training will eventually fulfil the criteria for full membership.

(d) Associate Membership: open to professionals with post-graduate qualifications in public health and/or persons (health care professionals) with a keen interest in public health, but who do not fulfil the criteria for other membership categories.

4.2 The Committee may from time to time review the entry criteria and make recommendations to the General Meeting.

4.3 Each member shall contribute to the support of the MAPHM by a fee which is proposed by the Committee and agreed to at a General Meeting.

4.4 Only full members will be eligible to vote or to be elected to the Committee. Full membership will be withdrawn if membership fee is not regularly paid.

4.5 The Committee can propose to the General Meeting a person as Honorary President of the MAPHM. This position is not an elected office.


5.1 The Committee shall consist of not less than three (3) and not more than nine (9) elected members of the MAPHM. The offices which are required to be appointed by internal voting within the Committee will be those of a President, a Vice-President, an Honorary Secretary, and a Treasurer. In addition one or more of the following offices may also be appointed by internal voting, namely, an International Secretary, a Public Relations Officer and a Research Officer. Holders of such offices are hereinafter referred to as “elected administrators”.

5.2 The administrators are:

President Dr Sascha Reiff

Vice-President Dr Tanya Melillo

Honorary Secretary Dr Alexia Bezzina

Treasurer Dr Maya Podesta

International Secretary Dr. Kathleen England

5.3 The members of the Committee shall be so elected by and from among the members of the MAPHM in the manner prescribed in Rule 7, at a General Meeting.

5.4 (a) There will be a representative from the Specialist Trainee Members on the Executive Committee. Such a member will be a Specialist Trainee Member as defined in Article 4.1 (c), nominated from the Specialist Trainee Members by agreement or by election. Such member will have an observer status but no voting rights.

5.4 (b) There will be a representative from the associate members on the executive committee. Such a member will be an Associate Member as defined in Article 4.1 (d), nominated from the associate members by agreement or by election. Such member will have an observer status but no voting rights.

5.5 If the Executive Committee deems it beneficial or necessary, it retains the right to appoint/nominate full or associate or specialist trainee members onto the Committee to serve in an ex-ufficio or personal capacity, with no voting rights.

5.6 The term of office of the Committee shall be 24 months. All members of the Committee can be re-elected for future terms except for the President who cannot be re-elected to the same office after a consecutive second term in office. He or she can however be re-elected for another elected office.

5.7 The office of an elected officer or the seat of a member of the Committee shall become vacant if he or she:

(a) resigns the office in writing;

(b) ceases to be a member of the MAPHM;

(c) for any other cogent reason deemed by the Committee or by the General Assembly under Rule 6.9 to be incompatible with the continued tenure of his or her office. The Committee shall co-opt a member of the MAPHM to fill that office or seat for the balance of the term of office of the previous officer or member. Co-option should take place from the list of candidates who were not elected in the last election in the order of the largest numbers of votes cast in the first instance. In the case of a vacant office, the Committee may alternatively fill the office vacancy by one of the non-officer members of the Committee by internal voting and subsequently proceed to co-opt another member to fill the member vacancy accordingly. In either case full members of the MAPHM may be approached for co-option if either post remains unfilled.

5.8 A majority of (full) members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum, one of whom should be the President or Vice-President. In the case that the size of the Executive Committee leads to a majority of less than three (full) members, three members are still required for a quorum, one of whom should be the President or Vice-President.

5.9 Each member of the Committee shall have one vote and in the case of any equality of votes the President, or in his/her absence the Vice-President, shall in addition have a casting vote.

5.10 The Committee shall administer the functions and operations of the MAPHM.

5.11 The President shall convene meetings of the Committee at his/her initiative or at the request of at least two members of the Committee.

5.12 Two of the three authorised signatories must sign any deeds, mortgages, bonds, contracts and other instruments authorised by the Committee on behalf of the MAPHM.

5.13 The Committee shall be responsible for the formulation of policies for the MAPHM.

5.14 The Committee may draw up by-laws which have to be approved by the General Assembly.


6.1 The President shall:

(a) call and chair the meetings of the Committee;

(b) have general and active supervision over the activities and affairs of the MAPHM subject, however, to the control of the Committee;

(c) see that all orders and resolutions of the Committee are carried out;

(d) shall be one of the signatories and execute and deliver in the name and on behalf of the MAPHM, all deeds, mortgages, bonds, contracts and other instruments authorised by the Executive Committee.

6.2 The Vice-President shall:

(a) chair meetings of the Committee in the absence of the President;

(b) at the request of the President, or in case of the President’s absence, or inability to act, the Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President and, when so acting, shall have all the powers of, and be subject to all restrictions upon, the President.

6.3 The Honorary Secretary shall:

(a) keep the minutes of the meetings of the General Assembly and of the Committee;

(b) be custodian of all contracts, deeds, and documents of the MAPHM and all its other corporate records except accounting records;

(c) see that the Register of Members, books, reports, statements, certificates, and all other documents and records are properly kept and filed;

(d) be one of the signatories in the name and on behalf of the MAPHM, for all deeds, mortgages, bonds, contracts and other instruments authorised by the Committee.

6.4 The Treasurer shall:

(a) be responsible for and advise on the financial management and financial policy of the MAPHM;

(b) give a bond for the faithful discharge of duties in such sum and with such surety or sureties as the Committee from time to time may specify or approve;

(c) have charge and custody of and be responsible for funds, sureties, notes, and valuable effects of the MAPHM;

(d) receive and give receipt for monies due and payable to or receivable by the MAPHM from any source whatsoever;(e) deposit all such money to the credit of the MAPHM, or otherwise dispose thereof as the Committee shall direct;

(f) be responsible for the accuracy of the amount of, and preserve proper vouchers for, all monies dispersed;

(g) render to the Committee whenever required and to the General Meeting an account of the financial condition of the MAPHM and all transactions as Treasurer;

(h) shall be one of the signatories in the name and on behalf of the MAPHM, for all deeds, mortgages, bonds, contracts and other instruments authorised by the Committee;

(i) be responsible for maintaining the Register of Members.

6.5 The International Secretary shall:

(a) keep liaison with all international bodies communicating with MAPHM;

(b) preserve and file all letters received and sent in this regard;

(c) endeavour to work with international bodies to foster the aims of MAPHM;

(d) present a written report to the Committee whenever s/he attends an international meeting;

(e) obtain the Committee’s consent for each event attended or organised;

(f) strive to seek membership of international organisations as directed by the Committee.

6.6 The Public Relations Officer shall:

  1. a) act as the spokesperson of the Committee and of the MAPHM;
  2. b) be responsible for press releases after approval by the President;
  3. c) be responsible for the promotion of the aims of the MAPHM via all available communications media;
  4. d) be responsible for the editing of any publication produced by the MAPHM.

6.7 The Research Officer shall:

  1. a) promote the continuing professional development of the members;
  2. b) explore areas of priority for further study in local public health arena;
  3. c) identify resources for fulfilment of the scopes of research projects;
  4. d) collate scientific evidence to aid the Committee in formulating policy on topical public health issues;
  5. e) act as custodian of all scientific literature accrued by the MAPHM.

6.8 Members of the Committee may abstain and leave of their own accord, or else be requested to do so by a majority vote of the Committee, from part or whole of a discussion in which there may be conflict of interests between the subject at issue and any other involvement the member might have in public life, and where objectivity may be compromised.

6.9 Any officer of the MAPHM and any other member of the Committee may be removed at any time, either by:

(a) resolution adopted by a majority of the full members present and voting at General Assembly meeting, or by

(b) a majority vote of the Committee. This vote must be confirmed or otherwise by a majority vote at an extraordinary General Meeting called by the Committee within 30 days of the vote.

6.10 The legal and judicial representation of the Association shall vest in the President and/or Secretary.


7.1 The Financial Year of the Association shall commence on the 1st January and end on the 31st December. These accounts are to be presented on a cash basis. In addition, the Association is to report any financial commitments or any contingent liability at each time it presents its financials as per below clause.

7.2 The accounts of the Association must be examined, and checked by an auditor as appointed by the Association every Annual Meeting of the General Assembly per Clause 8.11.

7.3 The accounts shall be prepared by the Executive Committee, audited and approved by the General Assembly at the Annual General Meeting. The completion of the accounts by the Committee must be done within the stipulated period as per Clause 8.10.

7.4 Audited accounts shall be submitted for the Annual Meeting of the General Assembly for approval by not later than the second month following the end of each financial year.

7.5 Accounts to be kept must include a “Cash & Bank” book, showing all receipts and payments in each financial year, which transactions must be supported by valid documentary evidence and related exclusively for the activities of the organisation.

7.6 The General Assembly shall strive to ensure that the Executive Committee shall not incur a deficit in any of its financial years.


8.1 There shall be a governing body for the MAPHM and it shall be known as the General Assembly of the MAPHM, hereinafter referred to as the “Assembly”. The General Assembly shall comprise all categories of members of the MAPHM.

8.2 The Assembly shall elect the members of the Committee. An Electoral Commission composed of 3 members shall be appointed by the Executive Committee to organise and supervise the electoral process for this purpose.

8.3 The Assembly shall meet once a year, and between meetings it shall delegate its responsibility of governing to the Committee.

8.4 An extraordinary General Meeting may be called to discuss urgent matters which may arise from time to time. This Meeting may be convened by the Committee:

either, (a) at its own initiative;

or, (b) through a request of at least 25% of full members to the Honorary Secretary.

8.5 The Committee may decide to organise the General Assembly meeting also on-line through an on-line platform, with the facility for online voting during the meeting, where required.  In election years, in agreement with the Electoral Commission, the Committee may also decide to organise the General Assembly meeting on-line through an on-line platform, with the facility for online voting and the election of the Executive Committee members.

8.6 An Assembly meeting shall start at the scheduled start time provided that a quorum of at least one third of the full members on the Register of Members is present. If this quorum is not reached at the scheduled start time, the meeting shall start as soon as this quorum is reached. If this quorum is not reached after 30 minutes from the scheduled start of the meeting, the meeting shall start and conduct its business with the members present.

8.7 A chairperson for the Assembly meeting shall be nominated from amongst the full members present to preside over the meeting.

8.8 An issue arising at an Assembly meeting shall normally be determined by a show of hands. Every full member present shall have one vote.

8.9 Any change in the statute requires a majority of two thirds of votes of the full members present. Any other motion shall be passed by a simple majority of votes of the full members present. In case of equality of votes the chairperson shall in addition have a casting vote.

8.10 Members of the MAPHM may be requested to show evidence of right to vote prior to voting.

8.11 The annual meeting of the General Assembly shall meet within two months from the Financial Year end that is by end of February.

8.12 The annual meeting of the General Assembly shall meet to:

  1. a) to confirm the minutes of the last preceding last meeting of the Assembly;
  2. b) to receive and consider reports (including financial statements where applicable) from the Committee and the Auditor, during the preceding one year period;
  3. c) to appoint the auditor. At each annual meeting of the Assembly the members present shall appoint a person who is not a member of the Committee to be auditor of the MAPHM until the next General Meeting of the Assembly;
  4. d) to elect the members of the Committee whenever an election is due provided that the Electoral Commission may establish procedures by which paid up members who will be abroad on the day of the annual meeting of the General Assembly, may be allowed to vote at an established time beforehand;
  5. e) to confirm, by vote, the co-option of full members onto the Committee whenever there are not enough nominations to form the full Executive Committee. The Assembly has a veto right and may decide not to confirm the full member as a voting member on the EC.
  6. f) to discuss any motion and other matters.

8.13 The annual meeting of the Assembly may transact special business of which not less than 30 days notice is given to members.


9.1 Any organisation which has objectives similar to the objectives of the MAPHM may be granted recognition by the MAPHM as an affiliated organisation. An affiliated organisation may represent itself as being affiliated with the MAPHM.

9.2 Any application for recognition as an affiliated organisation shall be considered and dealt with by the Committee, and it is at the absolute discretion of this organ to refuse or grant affiliation.

9.3 The MAPHM may seek affiliations with related local and international organisations.


10.1 The income and property of the MAPHM, however derived shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objectives of the MAPHM and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred, directly or indirectly, by dividend, bonus, or otherwise, to any member of the MAPHM.

10.2 Nothing in the provision of sub-Rule 9.1 prevents the payment in good faith to an employee or member of the MAPHM, for:

(a) services actually commissioned by and goods supplied to the MAPHM;

(b) the reimbursement to the employee or member of expenses actually incurred on behalf of the MAPHM or in carrying out the affairs of the MAPHM.

10.3 Members and administrators can receive reasonable honoraria for services rendered insofar as any such payment made does not materially prejudice the achievement of the purposes of the voluntary organization.


11.1 If upon the winding-up or dissolution of the MAPHM, the Committee shall ensure that all its debts and liabilities are settled to the satisfaction of the debtors.

11.2 Upon dissolution of the Association, all assets of the organization shall be applied in favour of another non-profit organization with similar purposes as the organization which may be selected by the Committee.


 MAPHM Criteria for Specialist status in

Public Health Medicine

Inclusion in the list entitled ‘Public Health Medicine’ in the Specialist Accreditation Register of Medical Practitioners held by the Medical Council of Malta.