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Press Release regarding the political discussion on Recreational Cannabis and Sex Work

The Malta Association of Public Health Medicine (MAPHM) notes the ongoing developments regarding the two separate political discussions on the themes of recreational cannabis and sex work. These issues have myriad public health impacts and implications and there is no simple or easy solution. If not handled carefully, new laws and policies can potentially create larger problems than what they purport to address in the first instance.

In the light of the foregoing and in a spirit of contributing to improving physical, mental and social health in Malta, in its Annual General Meeting convened on the 27 February 2018 the MAPHM resolved to call upon the pertinent authorities to:

  1. Evaluate proposals in the light of international research and evidence
  2. Consider carefully the transferability element when drawing upon policies implemented in other countries taking the Maltese context into account.
  3. Adopt the precautionary principle wherever evidence is equivocal or uncertain
  4. Consider the principles of social justice, human rights and gender equality
  5. Respect the dignity of all persons and place societal wellbeing above fiscal and economic interests
  6. Facilitate an open, mature and unhurried public consultation which takes place beyond the confines of Parliament

Official Press Release [PDF,496KB]

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