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MAPHM welcomes new COVID-19 measures and appeals for responsibility

MAPHM welcomes the introduction of new restrictive measures aimed at curbing the surge of COVID-19 in our communities. With community transmission of the virus having reached new heights, such restrictions need to be imposed to limit interactions, particularly in view of the emergence of more contagious virus variants. We hope that these targeted measures, together with renewed individual discipline which is effectively enforced will be sufficient to halt this trend. Time will tell us more, and whether measures will need to be increased further.

The selection of measures needs to be regularly evaluated and adjusted based on the constantly changing situation and emerging scientific evidence. Furthermore, it is imperative that such measures are complemented by effective enforcement, in a bid to improve on the evident societal complacency. At this stage of the pandemic where vaccine roll out is still in its early stages, spread in the community is high and our ITU beds are nearly full, we all need to make a final effort until the proportion of vaccinated persons is sufficient to reduce the spread to more manageable levels. The number of cases also must go down to avoid being blacklisted by other countries, which will in turn impact heavily on the potential tourism coming our way.

“We appeal to the good sense and responsibility of all and emphasize that the risk of infection is cumulative and increases with the more people one meets”

Malta Association of Public Health Medicine

Whilst the new measures limit private gatherings to a maximum of four households, we appeal to the good sense and responsibility of all and emphasize that the risk of infection is cumulative and increases with the more people one meets. Mixing of households is strongly discouraged and should be limited as much as possible. One must realise that by mixing households particularly when disregarding mitigation measures, one puts those most dear to them at risk. Where possible one should use virtual means to work and socialise and avoid non-essential activities. We urge the public to uphold the effective measures of distancing, hand hygiene and appropriate wearing of masks now more than ever since the more transmissible UK variant appears be gaining momentum.

We would also like to voice our continued support to the Superintendent of Public Health who was subjected to an unjust attack and asked to defend her position in office during the last press conference. She together with her team have been instrumental in providing the technical advice in an unprecedented and stressful situation where tough considerations were and are still necessary but always in the best interest of public health.

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