5 great resources to get informed about the Novel Coronavirus 2019 Outbreak

The Malta Association of Public Health Medicine believes in the importance of providing updated and evidence-based information about relevant infectious diseases that could potentially have an impact to Malta’s Public Health. The following is a list of great resources and if you have more we would love to hear about it in the comments

1)WHO – Novel coronavirus(2019-nCoV) – YouTube

The World Health Organization provides a number of useful and practical resources and this YouTube video is quite spot-on with explaining the way that this disease is transmitted. Don’t forget also to check out the full list of practical advice available for travellers, some useful myth-busters and the latest updated information through Situation Reports

2) Facebook Live – Q&A Session

If you are looking for relevant questions and answers, the following Facebook Live is incredibly informative and practical. You’ve also got some bonus Chinese in the mix!

3) Data is Beautiful – John Hopkins

How about this Dashboard created and updated in real-time by the John Hopkins Center for System Science and Engineering. That’s what we call multidisciplinary. Check out the Dashboard

4) The Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Facebook Page

The tireless and consistent work done by the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention has been critical to convey information to the public and we would like to give them a heads up for the great job that they’re doing. They even managed to set up posters in Chinese and they reacted quickly when there was misinformation about packets and goods arriving from China. 10/10 for the immense effort!

5) Gauden Galea – Malta’s International Ambassador

Dr Gauden Galea – WHO’s

We are proud of MAPHM member – Dr Gauden Galea who’s currently involved as WHO’s Representative for China. Learn more about Dr Gauden and his work in China.

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