European Public Health Week Health Systems

8 different ways to empower our health systems

Focus on Prevention

Health promotion and disease prevention pave the way for a more efficient health system and enable people to live and age in good health.

Understand who and what we need to deliver great healthcare

There is no health without a workforce, thus policy-makers should invest in health workforce development needs.

Together we work better.

Multidisciplinary teams are better able to improve patients’ health, prevent disease and reduce hospitalisation.

Your community health centre is your path to a more fulfilling life

At its heart, primary healthcare is about caring for people and helping them improve their health and wellbeing rather than just treating specific diseases or conditions.

Develop a relationship with your community care team

Primary healthcare professionals have a continuing and trusted relationship with their patients and know their health history. Knowing the full picture helps improve their care and saves money.

..and let them guide you

Strong primary healthcare guides the patient through the health system and helps avoid wasteful spending.

Knowledge and Skills are power

It is important to invest in the knowledge and skills of patients and their informal carers, encouraging their active participation in decision-making and self-management of diseases.

Technology + Healthcare = WIN!

Technology solutions improve access to healthcare in deprived areas, enable coordination between services and help patients manage their diseases.

15th May 2019 is the Third Day of the European Public Health Week focused on ” Care 4 Care” focusing on the theme of taking care of what takes care of you. Learn more about the events taking place this week throughout Europe

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