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6 reasons why it pays off to be physically active

Did you know that 28% of Europeans do less than 3 hours of exercise per week? So what could you do to get yourself to be more physically active?

1. Reinventing your commute

Physical activity is very easy if you make walking to work, cycling or taking the stairs a deliberate part of your daily routine. Even taking the bus provides you with a better opportunity to move around then getting stuck sitting down in traffic.

2. You will feel better. Instantly

Physical activity and participation in sports have been proven to be beneficial for mental health, depression, and social inclusion. Feeling the rush of air whilst you cycle next to the sea is just priceless.

3. You’ve got a better chance at living longer

And not just living longer, but actually living a quality life. Being physically active in younger years and continuing in later years contributes to healthy ageing. We know that the world is moving towards living longer.

4. Actually, enjoy your retirement

Physical activity helps older people to achieve a better quality of life, independence, maintenance of mobility, better performance in daily tasks, better cognitive function, better mood, lower risk for frailty, and lower mortality.

5. More active people = Less Traffic + Stronger communities

Health, education, sports, urban planning and transport sectors, as well as the workplace, community groups and the media, benefit directly from investing in the physical activity of their customers, workers and students.

6. Get things done at work(and get home earlier!)

Employees who are physically active are healthier, happier, and less likely to take sick days. By promoting physical activity and active travel, employers can improve staff wellbeing, increase work attendance and decrease job stress. Imagine, being more productive at work and getting things done earlier and spend more time with your family(and as a result more time for physical activity!). This sounds like a positive circle to me.

Today, we’re kicking off the European Public Health Week, with more than 100 events and activities in at least 30 countries. Check out this amazing infographic from the World Health Organization on how we can make physical activity a part of daily life during all stages of life.

EUPHW physical activity logo

Cover Image: Ilya Ilford on Unsplash

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