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Webinars on Environment and Health

Message from Francesco Zambon – World Health Organization

Dear Members and Friends of the Regions for Health Network-RHN and of the Small Countries Initiative!

As earlier announced, RHN, the Bonn Office on Environment and Health and the WHO Regional Office for Europe are organizing a series of Webinars on Environment & Health tools.

Each Webinar will present in depth one of these tools, except the first Webinars which will serve to set the scene and to present what will happen in the subsequent Webinars.

We now have the dates and topics for the first three Webinars:

  • 10 April, at 11am (60 minutes): General introduction of the Webinars series, setting the scene post-Ostrava Ministerial Conference, mini-slot for each of the tool;
  • 8 May, at 11am (60 minutes): Health Economic Assessment Tool (HEAT) for walking and cycling;
  • 5 June, at 11am (60 minutes): AirQ + software tool for health risk assessment of air pollution.

There will be three more Webinars after the summer.

Kindly send an email to Francesco Zambon if you intend to participate and we will provide further instructions on how to join the Webinars.

The Webinars are open also to other networks and to people who are interested in the subject.

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