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World Birth Defects Day

Message from Dr Miriam Gatt – Head of Congential Anomalies Registry – DHIR


March 3 is World Birth Defects Day (WBDD). Every year, about 8 million babies worldwide are born with a serious birth defect impacting millions of families.

In Malta, around 130 babies are born with birth defects of varying degrees each year.  A number of these can be prevented by adopting healthy lifestyles, good nutrition including an adequate intake of the vitamin folic acid and appropriate vaccination.

 To mark this Day the Malta Congenital Anomalies Registry, DHIR is releasing the Fact Sheet linked below which may also be found on our website:

Fact sheet – Clefts – World birth defects day 2018

You may be interested to support World Birth Defects Day by joining the thunderclap campaign at through your social media.


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