Invitation from Amethyst Malta – Alcohol-related NGO

Message from Manuel Mangani – Amethyst Malta

Dear All,

My colleagues and I would like to invite you to the setting up of a Non-Governmental Organisation called Amethyst which will concern itself with alcohol-related problems. The idea is to muster the expertise of people from diverse standpoints and fields of expertise (including service users) and pool knowledge, ideas and skills to provide some services in the field of alcohol treatment not currently on offer, to provide a platform for educational activities about alcohol use and abuse to specific sectors of the population and to raise awareness about alcohol problems and the specific legal and educational measures which can tackle them.
The first General Meeting will be held on Friday 23rd February at the Capuchins’ Hall in Floriana (past Floriana Health Centre’s main entrance) at 5.45pm. Membership will most likely cost €10 (€15.00 for couples).

People who have experienced difficulties as users of alcohol and their relatives, workers in the treatment of alcohol-related problems and those involved with alcohol policy, public health and health information, together with others who are interested in the relationship between alcohol and individuals or alcohol and society are invited to attend the General Meeting. Any friends or colleagues of yours who would like to attend would also be welcome.

We would appreciate if you could let us know by return of email whether you – and any friends/colleagues – will be attending or not.

o.b.o the Steering Committee

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