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Public Lecture – Leipzig Health Care Leadership Model

On the 7th November 2017, the MAPHM co-organized with the Department of Health Services Management, Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Malta and the Clinical Performance Unit Mater Dei Hospital, a Public Lecture on:

“Economic and ethical pressure on hospital management: the Leipzig Leadership Model as a compass in turbulent times”

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The lecture was conducted by the Director of the Ludwig Fresenius Center for Health Care Management and Regulation at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management – Professor Dr. Dr. Wilfried von Eiff.

MAPHM was happy to be given this opportunity to attend this event and a number of insights were achieved from this incredible learning opportunity.

Our MAPHM EC Ex-Officio Member and EUPHA President highlighted the point brought forward by Dr Von Eiff on the value of Generation Y & Feminization to Health Systems and their accompanying Leadership challenges.

The lecture focused on the Leipzig Healthcare Leadership Model which you can learn more at their advanced website over here. We were struck by the description brought forward by the Dean of the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart in describing this model:

“With the new Leipzig Leadership Model, we would like to offer orientation in the sense of a compass. The model is not normative as it does not aim to prescribe the goals and values of good leadership. Instead, it provides notes on fundamental, not to be neglected dimensions of good leadership which initially lead rather to questions than to answers,”

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Many thanks go to Prof. Sandra Buttigieg for coordinating this event and making it happen.

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