Launch of the #STOPSTIGMA Campaign for Mental Health Awareness

Malta’s Mental Health Awareness Campaign, #STOPSTIGMA was launched on the 27th November at the Central Auditorium in Mater Dei Hospital with the support of the Commissioner for Mental Health and the Department of Mental Health at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Malta.

MAPHM was present at this event and we fully support this campaign to stamp out stigma on Mental Health, focused on Malta & Gozo.

Twitter was buzzing with activity on this campaign and we’re delighted to show you a summary of the activity which was taking place in line with the campaign:

Antoinette Calleja – Ministry for Health

Dr David Cassar – Consultant Psychiatrist

The President of Malta, Dr Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca contributed significantly to the campaign with a special message:

We’ve also been struck by the salient and crucial message being brought forward by the following video which we encourage you to see:

Learn more and follow their Facebook Page on

STOP the STIGMA on Mental Health and do your part by treating mental health at the same level as physical health.

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