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The NOIS Annual Report 2016

Message from Dr. Miriam Gatt – Head of the NOIS Register

The National Obstetric Information System (NOIS) within the Directorate for Health Information and Research has released its Annual Report for 2016. This Report covers all births occurring on the Maltese Islands.  In 2016 there were 4455 maternal deliveries of which 96 were twin deliveries and 2 were triplet deliveries. These deliveries resulted in a total of 4555 infant births, which is an increase of 102 births from the previous year (2015).

This year the Report is being distributed only as a soft copy; the full report can be viewed anytime at:


Our website has also been updated with detailed Maternal and Perinatal Health Indicator tables: https://health.gov.mt/en/dhir/Pages/Registries/births.aspx

The National Obstetric Information System may be contacted directly on email: nois.dhir@gov.mt

Infographic from DHIR:


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