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Second Call for Survey for Pain Patients

Message from Gertrude Buttigieg – Secretary Malta Health Network

Dear Members

May I draw your attention that you are highly encouraged to register to attend the SIP Symposium which will be an event being hosted by MHN and No Pain Foundation during the Maltese Presidency. (details in attachment) The main topic on the agenda is Chronic Pain, we understand that many people experience pain as part of their condition or as a result thus it is very important to be present. We encourage you to attend the Pre-Symposium on 7th June in the afternoon which will look at the local situation. Attendance is free but you have to register. There is only 25Euro fee as commitment on registration however if any patients would like to attend but have financial problems please do come back to us if your are asked for payment.

Secondly we as  you if you are a pain patient to take this survey as the more data available the more we can raise awareness just click on link below and survey is available in both Maltese and English

Please feel free to share this link with anyone you know.

Do not hesitate to come back to me should you have any queries.


Gertrude Buttigieg


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