Press Statement

Transport Malta and the licensing of new drivers

MAPHM has expressed grave concern over Transport Malta's involvement in the issue of new road driving licenses, feeling that it erodes public trust and impedes Malta's efforts to maintain quality driving standards and road safety. MAPHM insists on an urgent overhaul of the system, including a reevaluation of licensing procedures and a strong governance structure.

MAPHM wishes to express its serious concern on the evolving situation surrounding the issue of new road driving licences by Transport Malta.  Its alleged involvement and possible implication in this story are of considerable concern as it deeply undermines the public’s trust in what is becoming a significant challenge for Malta, that of maintaining adequate driving standards, protecting the public from road traffic accidents and managing traffic.

The current sad state of our roads are affecting our environmental, mental and physical wellbeing, and resulted in a record number of road traffic fatalities in 2022. This was, until now, primarily attributed to the increased traffic on our roads, with car ownership increasing year on year. However, road safety is also a result of the maintenance of adequate driving standards and proper driving etiquette, which are tested during the driving licencing exams. Trust in the competent authority to uphold high standards in these exams has been put into serious question following the recent revelations.

An overhaul of the current system is urgently required and a complete re-evaluation of the licensing process is mandated, including the implementation of a robust governance framework within Transport Malta and related entities to ensure that these corrupt practices cease and never recur.