Press Statement

MAPHM appeals for responsibility and adherence to measures

MAPHM is alarmed at the high rate of new infections and admissions to hospital over the past days. This has resulted in an overwhelming surge on public health and hospital resources. All teams within the system, starting with the 111 helpline, all the way through to the testing centres, Primary Health call centre, Public Health case management, data management, and contact tracing, the Emergency dept and hospital wards have all faced a surge which is only set to continue to increase over the coming days and weeks.

MAPHM would like to thank all the workers in the abovementioned and all the other teams for their invaluable contribution during this stressful time. Like in previous surges, it is going to get worse before it gets better again. Allowing numbers to keep rising is likely to result in the hospital being unable to cope, requiring harder actions that would affect the whole population.

While calling for stricter measures and adherence to standards, which will help to control further increases in cases, MAPHM reaches out to our families, friends, neighbours, and co-workers to be socially responsible, and be safe. Controlling the situation in the community will help to safeguard all, including the important priority of maintaining in-person schooling for our children.

  • Take the COVID-19 and influenza vaccines, including boosters. Vaccinate your children.
  • Always wear a mask, especially when around others. Wear your masks properly (covering nose and mouth).
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, and if not available, use alcohol-based hand disinfectant.
  • Don’t touch your face or your mouth unnecessarily.
  • If you are feeling sick, know or suspect you were a contact of someone with COVID-19, stay at home and request a swab test. Don’t wait for a phone call before doing what you know must be done to protect the people around you.
  • Limit your social events this Christmas, it is not the right time to be organising and attending such events.
  • When visiting relatives, don’t hug, don’t kiss. Meeting outdoors is always preferable, keeping your distance and limiting the duration of your encounter are recommended.
  • Never mix more than 4 households at a time.
  • Choose where you eat. Cooking yourself or home delivery are the safest options, otherwise outside dining is better than indoors and ensure COVID mitigation measures are in place at the food outlet.
  • Use online shopping wherever possible.
  • Avoid crowds. Keep your distance from others.
  • Avoid non-essential activities such as going to cinemas, bars, cafeterias, pools, and gyms
  • Queue properly, respect others, and keep your mask on.