4 European Patient Organizations to look out for

We are following a number of patient organizations from around the world and we wanted to highlight the work of these patient alliances which reach out to us on a regular basis. This list is not meant to be exhaustive but we believe that it’s worth following them and getting to know more about them. If we’ve missed out on your organization please let us know.


European Patients’ Forum

Their monthly e-mail newsletters are full of interesting activity and we’re happy to collaborate with them through the Malta Health Network. They describe themselves as being an “umbrella organisation that works with patients’ groups in public health and health advocacy across Europe”. Their members represent specific chronic disease groups at EU level or are national coalitions of patients.

They’ve involved in a number of projects which are outlined below in the following links and their PDF Reports:

The EPF organizes a  number of educational seminars, policy initiatives and projects which help them focus on promoting a patient-centered philosophy.

We’ve also managed to get an insight into their Social Media Activity and with more than 8,000 Fan Page Followers, they sure seem to know what they’re doing. Check them out at the following links:


Official Website:


International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations

The International Alliances of Patients’ Organizations is described as a unique global alliance representing patients of all nations across all disease areas. They’re also working in collaboration with the European Patients’ Forum and they’re based in the UK. Their main focus is on patient-centered health care. They work with their members to get patients’ voices heard by everyone involved in healthcare and they focus on Policy and Advocacy, Capacity Building, Cross-Sector alliances and collaborative working.


Official Website:


European Pain Federation

The European Pain Federation, this year,  organised the “Societal Impact of Pain” in Malta between 7th and 10th June 2017 and through the Societal Impact of Pain Network they’ve been seeking to be nominated as ‘Thematic Network on SIP‘.


Official Website:


Local Perspective – Malta Health Network

“Every Citizen is a potential patient”

Quite true indeed! The Malta Health Network has very recently reached the 10 Year milestone and the celebration is very well deserved.  They’ve relaunched their website and they aim to promote “the health-related interests of patients and the wider community by updating itself about international ‘best practices’ and ‘capacity-building’.

The variety of projects they’re working on is impressive and they represent a number of patient and public health-related organizations which makes their work even more interesting to follow.


Official Website:

We augur well to all the patient organizations outlined in this article. Are you a patient organization? Why don’t you comment below and share your work? We’d love to learn more about you! Tag a colleague who’s working with a patient organization.


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